Pickup of the Day: Mo Williams

(Doug Pensinger / Getty Images)

This season I will highlight a notable player, based on the games played each night, who’s available in at least 60% of Yahoo! Fantasy Basketball leagues.

The Sneaky Fantasy Basketball Pickup for Sunday, November 17 is Mo Williams. He’s owned in 17% of Yahoo! Leagues and 11.2% of ESPN Leagues, but there’s been a developing trend in Portland that should raise his value.

Here’s a look at his line tonight against Toronto:
20131117 Mo Williams

Understandably, there was a drop-off in Mo Williams ownership after he went from starting PG in Utah last year to backup PG in Portland this year. Yet he has now had two productive games over 30 min, and he’s averaging 15.0 pts, 5.8 ast, 1.3 stl and 1.5 3’s over his last four as the Blazers have been playing more smallball. They’ve won all four games (and are surprisingly good all-around this year), so there’s no reason to believe this won’t continue.

Is he legit? Williams has seen both his per-game and per-minute averages go down this year as his role has been reduced. However, in years past he’s been an excellent source of points, threes, assists, and steals with good percentages for the PG position. He likely won’t ever have a role as prominent as he did back in Milwaukee or Cleveland again, but, if Portland will continue playing him 30 mpg and let him run the second unit, he’s a good bet to give you a good portion of those stats again.

Other Notable Players: Jodie Meeks. By this point, you should already know…I can pretend like Travis Outlaw’s 18-6 and 2 3’s in 17 min or Wesley Johnson’s 13 pts and 2 blk in 21 min meant something, but really nobody else under 40% owned did anything notable tonight.

Top 5 Sneaky Pickups (owned in under 40% of Yahoo! Leagues):
1. Josh McRoberts (16%)
2. Jodie Meeks (24%)
3. Martell Webster (26%)
4. Terrence Jones (17%)
5. Andray Blatche (11%)

Hindsight: Jordan Hill (24-17 tonight) and Steve Blake (16 ast) jumped over 40% owned quickly, but their ownership needs to be even higher. Blake’s value may drop when Nash finally returns (which could be this week or next), but given Nash’s performance this year, Blake might be primary ballhandler until Kobe comes back. Hill, on the other hand, just seems legit.


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